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    1. gang
    2. n. noun

      v. verb

      • 1. (of a number of people) form a group or gang:

        the smaller supermarket chains are ganging together to beat the big boys
        Synonym : conspire, cooperate, collude, work together, act together, combine, join forces, team up, get together, unite, ally
      • 2. (of a number of people) join together, typically in order to intimidate someone:

        he is being unfairly ganged up on
      • 3. arrange (electrical devices or machines) together to work in coordination.

    3. Variation

      • n.: noun: gang, plural noun: gangs

      • v.: verb: gang, 3rd person present: gangs, gerund or present participle: ganging, past tense: ganged, past participle: ganged

      • v. verb

        go; proceed:
      • noun

        an organized group of criminals.

        a group of young people involved in petty crime or violence.

      • verb

        (of a number of people) form a group or gang:

        join together in order to intimidate or oppose someone:

      • verb

        go; proceed:
      • n. noun

        a body of men employed to enlist men forcibly into service in the army or navy.
      • v. verb

        forcibly enlist (someone) into service in the army or navy.

        force someone to do something:

      • n. noun

        a crew of railroad workers responsible for maintaining a particular section of track.
      • n. noun

        a group of convicts chained together while working outside the prison.
      • (of a plan) go wrong
      • a militant Zionist group that campaigned in Palestine during the 1940s for the creation of a Jewish state. Founded by Avraham Stern (1907–42) as an offshoot of Irgun, the group assassinated the British Minister for the Middle East, Lord Moyne, and Count Folke Bernadotte (1895–1948), the UN mediator for Palestine.
      • n. noun

        the rape of one person by a group of other people.
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