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  1. ac·cess
  2. noun

    • 1. a means of approaching or entering a place:

      the staircase gives access to the top floor wheelchair access the bypass will greatly improve road access the building has a side access
      Synonym : entrance, entry, way in, means of entry, ingress, approach, means of approach
    • 2. the right or opportunity to use or benefit from something:

      do you have access to a computer? awards to help people gain access to training
      Synonym : (the) use of, the opportunity to use, permission to use
    • 3. the right or opportunity to approach or see someone:

      we were denied access to our grandson
      Synonym : admission, admittance, entry, entrée, ingress, right of entry, permission to enter, the opportunity to enter
    • 4. the action or process of obtaining or retrieving information stored in a computer's memory:

      this prevents unauthorized access or inadvertent deletion of the file
    • 5. denoting noncommercial broadcasting produced by local independent groups, rather than by professionals:

      public-access television
    • 6. an attack or outburst of an emotion:

      I was suddenly overcome with an access of rage


    • 1. approach or enter (a place):

      single rooms have private baths accessed via the balcony
    • 2. obtain, examine, or retrieve (data or a file):

      information can be accessed from several files and displayed at the same time
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: access, plural noun: accesses

    • v.: verb: access, 3rd person present: accesses, gerund or present participle: accessing, past tense: accessed, past participle: accessed

    • noun

      the means or opportunity to approach or enter a place:

      the right or opportunity to use or benefit from something:

    • verb

      approach or enter (a place):

      obtain or retrieve (computer data or a file):

    • noun

      availability to all:

      a system where users of a library have direct access to bookshelves.

    • noun

      access to a computer data file that requires the user to read through the file from the beginning in the order in which it is stored.
    • noun

      the facility of retrieving data immediately from any part of a computer file, without having to read the file from the beginning.
    • noun

      the time taken to retrieve data from storage.
    • noun

      another term for service provider
    • noun

      a charge made for the use of computer or local telephone-network facilities.
    • noun

      an educational course enabling those without traditional qualifications to become eligible for higher education.
    • noun

      the process of transferring information to or from memory in which every memory location can be accessed directly rather than being accessed in a fixed sequence:
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