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  1. access
  2. n. noun

    • 1. (means of entry) 入口

      access to the centre is from the street 中心的入口在大街上‘no access“禁止入內”to obtain or get or gain access to sth. 獲得進入某處的機會an access door 通道門
    • 2. (ability to obtain, use) 享用機會

      to have access to information/education 有獲得信息/接受教育的機會
    • 3. (Jur) (right to visit) 探視權

      to have/grant/deny right of access 擁有/給予/拒絕給予探視權
    • 4. (Comput) 存取

    transitive verb

    • 1. (approach, enter) 進入

      the island can be accessed by road at low tide 退潮時可從陸路登上該島
    • 2. (Comput) 存取; 訪問

  3. Variation

    • 動變: accessed,accessed,accessing

    • 名複: accesses

  4. Synonyms

    1. the means or opportunity to approach or enter a place

    2. the right or opportunity to use or benefit from something

    • (the) use of, the opportunity to use, permission to use

    3. the right or opportunity to approach or see someone

    4. an attack or outburst of an emotion

    • n. noun



    • adj 形容詞



    • adj 形容詞

    • n. noun

    • 限制進入


    • 後門
    • 互聯網接入
    • 直接存取
    • 殘疾人通道
    • 遠程訪問
    • 輪椅通道
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