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  1. Quincy

    • a historic industrial city in eastern Massachusetts, on Boston Harbor, southeast of Boston, a shipbuilding center; population 92,339 (est. 2008).

      an industrial and commercial city in west central Illinois, on the Mississippi River; population 39,983 (est. 2008).

    • an industrial city in southeastern Massachusetts, south of Boston, noted especially for shoe manufacture; population 93,007 (est. 2008).
    • (1722–1803), US patriot. One of the leaders of the Boston Tea Party in 1773, he was active in pre-Revolutionary anti-British activities that took place in that city. He served in the First and Second Continental Congresses 1774–75 and was a signer of the Declaration of Independence 1776.
    • a town in eastern Massachusetts, on the west side of Boston and almost surrounded by the city; population 54,896 (est. 2008).
    • (1700–43), US merchant. He donated the building known as Faneuil Hall to the city of Boston in 1742.
    • a city in eastern Massachusetts, the capital of the state, on Massachusetts Bay; population 609,023 (est. 2008). It was founded c. 1630 by the Massachusetts Bay Company under its governor, John Winthrop (1588–1649). Boston was the scene of many disturbances that led to the American Revolution at the end of the 18th century.
    • a city in north central Massachusetts, northwest of Boston; population 40,239 (est. 2008).
    • a district of Boston in Massachusetts, today the center of the city's black community.
    • a city in east central Massachusetts, on Massachusetts Bay, northeast of Boston; population 60,204 (est. 2008).
    • a city in northeastern Massachusetts, on Massachusetts Bay, northeast of Boston; population 86,957 (est. 2008).
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