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  1. DVD-R

    • noun

      a DVD which can be recorded on once only.
    • abbreviation

      research and development.
    • abbreviation

      artist(s) and repertoire (or recording), used to denote employees of a record company who select and sign new artists:
    • noun

      a blank compact disc which can be recorded on once only.
    • (1927–89), Scottish psychiatrist; full name Ronald David Laing. He was known for his controversial views on insanity and, in particular, on schizophrenia.
    • (1913–2001), US electrical engineer, inventor, and businessman; full name William Reddington Hewlett. He invented an audio oscillator and with David Packard (1912–96) cofounded the Hewlett–Packard Company in 1939.
    • abbreviation

      (in prescriptions) as the occasion arises; as needed.
    • (1825–1900), English novelist and poet; full name Richard Doddridge Blackmore. He is noted for his romantic novel Lorna Doone (1869).
    • the months with R in their names (September to April), considered to be the season for eating oysters
    • (1908–65), US journalist; born Egbert Roscoe Murrow. He broadcast from London during the Blitz of World War II, ending each program with “Good night, and good luck.” He later created the radio series Hear It Now (1950–51) and the television series See It Now (1951–58). He was also well known for his television interview series Person to Person (1953–59).
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