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  1. steam turbine

    • noun

      a turbine in which a high-velocity jet of steam rotates a bladed disk or drum.
    • noun

      an excavator that is powered by steam.
    • noun

      a steam-filled casing that is fitted around a cylinder in order to heat its contents.
    • (of a machine) being operated by steam
    • noun

      distillation of a liquid in a current of steam, used especially to purify liquids that are not very volatile and are immiscible with water.
    • noun

      a train that is powered by a steam engine.
    • adjective

      powered by an engine that uses the expansion or rapid condensation of steam:
    • noun

      a pipe organ that is driven by a steam engine and played by means of a keyboard or a system of punched cards.
    • n. noun

      A highly effervescent beer originally brewed in the western United States.
    • (of a steam locomotive) ready for work, with steam in the boiler
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