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  1. A
  2. noun

    • 1. the first letter of the alphabet.

    • 2. denoting the first in a set of items, categories, sizes, etc.

    • 3. denoting the first of two or more hypothetical people or things:

      suppose A had killed B
    • 4. the highest class of academic mark:

      a dazzling array of straight A's
    • 5. denoting the first file from the left, as viewed from White's side of the board.

    • 6. the first fixed quantity in an algebraic expression.

    • 7. the human blood type (in the ABO system) containing the A agglutinogen and lacking the B.

    • 8. a shape like that of a capital A:

      an A-shape
    • 9. the sixth note of the diatonic scale of C major.

    • 10. a key based on a scale with A as its keynote.

  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: A, plural noun: A's

  4. a

    • determiner限定詞

      used when referring to someone or something for the first time in a text or conversation.

      used with units of measurement to mean one such unit:


    • abbreviation

      ace (used in describing play in bridge and other card games):

      A level.


    • abbreviation

      (in travel timetables) arrives:

      (in units of measurement) atto- (10−18).

    • symbol

    • prefix字首

      to; toward:

      in the process of (an activity):

    • suffix字尾

      forming ancient or Latinized modern names of animals and plants:

      forming names of oxides:

    • suffix字尾



    • suffix字尾

      forming plural nouns from Greek or Latin neuter plurals corresponding to a singular in -um or -on (such as addenda, phenomena).

      forming plural nouns in names (often from modern Latin) of zoological groups:

    • prefix字首



    • prefix字首

      variant spelling of ad- assimilated before
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