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  1. ac·count
  2. noun


    • 1. consider or regard in a specified way:

      her visit could not be accounted a success
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: account, plural noun: accounts

    • noun

      a report or description of an event or experience:

      an interpretation or rendering of a piece of music:

    • verb

      consider or regard in a specified way:

      give or receive an account for money received:

    • give a satisfactory record of (something, typically money, that one is responsible for)

      provide or serve as a satisfactory explanation or reason for

    • adjective

      of little or no importance, value, or use; worthless:
    • noun

      a person of little value or use:
    • noun

      a bank account, especially in a Swiss bank, identified only by a number and not bearing the owner's name.
    • noun

      an arrangement under which sums of money spent in the course of business by an employee are later reimbursed by their employer:
    • noun

      a type of brokerage account which allows investors to purchase securities with borrowed funds, requiring a deposit of cash or assets as collateral to cover the risk on such transactions:
    • noun

      an arrangement made with a bank whereby one may deposit and withdraw money and in some cases be paid interest.
    • noun

      an account at a bank against which checks can be drawn by the account depositor.
    • noun

      an account recording the financial transactions of a business in a particular category, rather than with a person or other organization.
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