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  1. public act

    • noun

      a law that affects the public as a whole.
    • noun

      a statute empowering a person or body to take certain action, especially to make regulations, rules, or orders.
    • a person or thing displaying impressive and stylish excellence
    • noun

      an action or activity that requires a delicate balance between different situations or requirements:
    • any of the British laws of 1799–1800 making illegal the confederacy of people to further their own interests or affect the rate of wages. The laws were supposed to apply to employers and workers alike, but in fact the employers were allowed to combine freely and restrictions were enforced against workers' unions; most of the legislation was repealed in 1824.
    • noun

      an utterance considered as an action, particularly with regard to its intention, purpose, or effect.
    • a law which enforced alcohol prohibition in the US 1920–33.
    • an Act passed by the British government in 1715 and repealed in 1967, designed to prevent civil disorder. The Act made it a felony for an assembly of more than twelve people to refuse to disperse after being ordered to do so and having been read a specified section of the Act by lawful authority.
    • noun

      an instance of someone being impossible to find, especially when they are required to face something unpleasant:
    • noun

      (in the Roman Catholic Church) a penitential prayer:

      something done to make amends for an offense.

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