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  1. add
  2. verb

    • 1. join (something) to something else so as to increase the size, number, or amount:

      a new wing was added to the building some box offices now add on a convenience charge
      Synonym : attach, build on, add on, put on, put in, append, adjoin, join, affix, connect, annex, include, prefix, prepend
    • 2. put in (an additional element, ingredient, etc.):

      chlorine is added to the water to kill bacteria
    • 3. contribute (an enhancing quality) to something:

      the suite will add a touch of class to your bedroom
    • 4. put together (two or more numbers or amounts) to calculate their total value:

      they added all the figures up add the two numbers together
      Synonym : add up, add together, total, count, count up, figure up, compute, calculate, reckon, tally, enumerate, find the sum of, tot up, cast up
    • 5. say as a further remark:

      ‘I hope we haven't been too much trouble,’ she added politely we would like to add our congratulations
      Synonym : go on to say, state further, continue, carry on, tack on, tag on
  3. Variation

    • v.: verb: add, 3rd person present: adds, gerund or present participle: adding, past tense: added, past participle: added