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  1. as
  2. adverb

    • 1. used in comparisons to refer to the extent or degree of something:

      go as fast as you can it tasted like grape juice but not as sweet
    • 2. used to emphasize an amount:

      as many as twenty-two rare species may be at risk


    • 1. used to indicate that something happens during the time when something else is taking place:

      Frank watched him as he ambled through the crowd as she grew older, she kept more to herself
      Synonym : while, just as, even as, at the (same) time that, at the moment that, during the time that, just when, simultaneously
    • 2. used to indicate by comparison the way that something happens or is done:

      they can do as they wish she kissed him goodbye, as usual
      Synonym : in the (same) way that, the (same) way, in the (same) manner that, like
    • 3. used to add or interject a comment relating to the statement of a fact:

      as you can see, I didn't go after all
      Synonym : which, a fact which, something which
    • 4. because; since:

      I must stop now as I have to go out
      Synonym : because, since, seeing that, seeing as, considering that, on account of the fact that, in view of the fact that, owing to the fact that, on account of, for, forasmuch
    • 5. even though:

      sweet as he is, he doesn't pay his bills try as he might, he failed to pull it off
      Synonym : although, though, even though/if, in spite of the fact that, despite the fact that, notwithstanding the fact that, notwithstanding that, for all that, while, whilst, albeit, however


    • 1. used to refer to the function or character that someone or something has:

      it came as a shock she got a job as a cook
      Synonym : in the guise of, with the appearance of, in the character of, so as to appear to be, in the role of, being, acting as, functioning as
    • 2. during the time of being (the thing specified):

      he had often been ill as a child