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  1. balk
  2. verb

    • 1. hesitate or be unwilling to accept an idea or undertaking:

      any gardener will at first balk at enclosing the garden
      Synonym : eschew, resist, refuse to, be unwilling to, draw the line at, be reluctant to, draw back from, flinch from, shrink from, shy from, recoil from, quail at, demur from, hesitate over, scruple to, take exception to, not like to, hate to, jib at, scorn, disdain
    • 2. thwart or hinder (a plan or person):

      the utmost of his influence will be invoked to balk the law
    • 3. prevent a person or animal from having (something):

      the lions, fearing to be balked of their prey
    • 4. (of a horse) refuse to go on.

    • 5. miss or refuse (a chance or invitation).

    • 6. (of a pitcher) make an illegal motion, penalized by an advance of the base runners:

      the rookie balked and permitted Robinson to score


    • 1. an illegal motion made by a pitcher that may deceive a base runner.

    • 2. a roughly squared timber beam.

    • 3. any area on a pool or billiard table in which play is restricted in some way.

    • 4. a ridge left unplowed between furrows.

  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: baulk, plural noun: baulks

    • v.: verb: baulk, 3rd person present: baulks, gerund or present participle: baulking, past tense: baulked, past participle: baulked

    • verb

      hesitate or be unwilling to accept an idea or undertaking:

      thwart or hinder (a plan or person):

    • noun

      a roughly squared timber beam:

      the area on a billiard table between the balk line and the bottom cushion, within which in some circumstances a ball is protected from a direct stroke.

    • noun

      a transverse line marked on a billiard table, extending the diameter of the D to the sides of the table.
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