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  1. blan·ket
  2. noun


    • 1. covering all cases or instances; total and inclusive:

      a blanket ban on tobacco advertising


  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: blanket, plural noun: blankets

    • noun

      a large piece of woollen or similar material used as a covering on a bed or elsewhere for warmth:

      a thick covering mass or layer:

    • adjective

      covering all cases or instances; total and inclusive:
    • verb

      cover completely with a thick layer of something:

      stifle or keep quiet (sound):

    • noun

      a familiar blanket or other piece of soft fabric held by a young child as a source of comfort:

      something that provides reassurance, support, or a sense of security:

    • noun

      a light metal-coated sheet designed to retain heat.
    • noun

      a buttonhole stitch used on the edges of a blanket or other material too thick to be hemmed.
    • noun

      a blanket that can be heated electrically by an internal element.
    • noun

      another term for security blanket
    • noun

      a one-piece sleeping garment for a young child, made of a soft, warm material and typically having legs with attached coverings for the feet:
    • noun

      a person who spoils other people's fun by failing to join in with or by disapproving of their activities:
    • noun

      a blanket or sleeping bag made into a cylindrical roll for ease of carrying, often with utensils and other personal supplies inside; a bedroll.
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