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  1. business
  2. n. noun

    • 1. (commerce, trade) 商業

      to go into business (for oneself), to set up in business (for oneself) (獨立)開業to set up in business as sb. 開業擔當某角色(to go) out of business 停止經商to put sb./sth. out of business 使某人/某企業停業to do business with sb. 與某人做生意to be in business 經商all we need is a car, and we'll be in business 我們只需要有一輛車就可以動手了she's away on business 她出差了big business 大企業to mix business with pleasure 工作與玩樂兼顧business is business 公事公辦one's line of business 行業to be good/bad business 生意好/不好
    • 2. (trade) 營業額

      to drum up business 努力提高營業額business is usually brisk in the summer 夏季通常是營業旺季
    • 3. (custom) 惠顧

      I'm taking my business elsewhere 我要去別處買東西了
    • 4. (company) 公司

      to launch a business 開辦公司to manage/operate/run a business 管理/運作/經營一家公司
    • 5. (responsibility) 職責

      to make it one's business to do sth. 負責辦某事to go about one's business 履行職責to send sb. about his/her business 打發某人走
    • 6. (important matters) 事務

      what's your business with Jim? 你找吉姆有甚麼事?
    • 7. (concern) 所關心的事

      that's none of your business! 這不干你的事!you've no business doing that! 你無權那樣做!mind your own business! 少管閒事!
    • 8. (colloq) (nuisance) 難事

      it was quite a business 那真是件麻煩事to make a (great) business of sth. 重視某事物there's some funny business going on! 事情有點不對勁!
    • 9. (euph) (defecation) 大便

      to do one's business 解大手
  3. Variation

    • 名複: businesses

  4. Synonyms

    1. a person's regular occupation, profession, or trade

    2. a person's concern

    3. commercial activity

    4. a commercial house or firm

    5. a situation or series of events, typically a scandalous or discreditable one

    • 事務,貿易,商業,企業,經營


    • 公務拜訪


    • 辦公時間


    • n. noun



    • 商業倫理學


    • 胡鬧


    • 經營虧損
    • 演藝界
    • 商務會議
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