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  1. close
  2. verb

    • 1. move so as to cover an opening:

      she jumped on to the train just as the doors were closing she closed the door quietly I kept closing my eyes and nodding off they had to close the window because of the insects
      Synonym : shut, draw to, pull to, push to, slam, fasten, secure, lock, bolt, bar, latch, padlock, put up the shutter
    • 2. block up (a hole or opening):

      close the hole with a plug of cotton wool Stephen closed his ears to the sound
      Synonym : block (up/off), stop up, plug, seal (up/off), shut up/off, cork, stopper, bung (up), make airtight, make watertight, fill (up), pack, stuff, clog (up), choke, obstruct, occlude, stopple
    • 3. bring two parts of (something) together so as to block its opening or bring it into a folded state:

      Loretta closed her mouth Rex closed the book
    • 4. come into contact with (something) so as to encircle and hold it:

      my fist closed around the weapon
      Synonym : come together, join, connect, come into contact, unite, form a circle
    • 5. make (an electric circuit) continuous:

      this will cause a relay to operate and close the circuit
    • 6. bring or come to an end:

      the members were thanked for attending and the meeting was closed the concert closed with ‘Silent Night’
      Synonym : end, bring/come to an end, conclude, finish, terminate, wind up, break off, halt, call a halt to, discontinue, dissolve, adjourn, suspend, prorogue, recess
    • 7. finish speaking or writing:

      we close with a point about truth
      Synonym : end, bring/come to an end, conclude, finish, terminate, wind up, break off, halt, call a halt to, discontinue, dissolve, adjourn, suspend, prorogue, recess
    • 8. bring (a business transaction) to a satisfactory conclusion:

      right now we are trying to close the deal with our sponsors
      Synonym : clinch, settle, secure, seal, set the seal on, confirm, guarantee, establish, transact, pull off, bring off/about, complete, conclude, fix, agree, finalize, shake hands on, wrap up
    • 9. (of a business, organization, or institution) cease to be in operation or accessible to the public, either permanently or at the end of a working day or other period of time:

      the factory is to close with the loss of 150 jobs a hoax call which closed the city's stations for 4 hours
      Synonym : cease activity, shut down, close down, cease production, cease operating, come to a halt, cease trading, fail, collapse, go out of business, crash, go under, go bankrupt, become insolvent, go into receivership, go into liquidation, be liquidated, be wound up, be closed (down), be shut (down), fold, flop, go broke, go bump, go to the wall, go bust
    • 10. remove all the funds from (a bank or building society account) and cease to use it:

      I went to the bank to close an account held by my daughter
    • 11. make (a file) inaccessible after use, so that it is securely stored until required again:

      a statement is used to close a data file
    • 12. gradually get nearer to someone or something:

      they plotted a large group of aircraft about 130 miles away and closing fast he tried to walk faster, but each time the man closed up on him again
      Synonym : catch up, creep up, near, approach, gain on someone, draw nearer/near, get nearer/near, come nearer/near, draw closer/close, get closer/close, come closer/close, narrow, lessen, grow/become/make smaller, dwindle, diminish, reduce, shrink, contract, constrict, get/become/make narrower, straiten


    • 1. the end of an event or of a period of time or activity:

      the afternoon drew to a close the seminar was brought to a close with a discussion of future trends
    • 2. the end of a day's trading on a stock market:

      by the close the Dow Jones average was down 13.52 points at 2,759.84
    • 3. the end of a day's play in a cricket match:

      at the close, Lancashire were 129 for 3
    • 4. the conclusion of a phrase; a cadence.

    • 5. the shutting of something, especially a door:

      the door jerked to a close behind them
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: close

    • v.: verb: close, 3rd person present: closes, gerund or present participle: closing, past tense: closed, past participle: closed