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  1. closed
  2. adjective

    • 1. not open:

      rooms with closed doors lined the hallway he sat with his eyes closed
    • 2. (of a society or system) not communicating with or influenced by others:

      the perception of the Soviet Union as a closed society had changed
    • 3. limited to certain people; not open or available to all:

      the UN Security Council met in closed session
    • 4. unwilling to accept new ideas:

      you're facing the situation with a closed mind
    • 5. (of a business) having ceased trading, especially for a short period:

      he put the ‘Closed’ sign up on the door
    • 6. (of a set) having the property that the result of a specified operation on any element of the set is itself a member of the set.

    • 7. (of a set) containing all its limit points.

    • 8. (of a curve or figure) formed from a single unbroken line.