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  1. come
  2. verb

    • 1. move or travel toward or into a place thought of as near or familiar to the speaker:

      Jessica came into the kitchen I came here on holiday with my parents he came rushing out
      Synonym : move nearer, move closer, approach, advance, near, draw nigh, draw close/closer, draw near/nearer, proceed, make progress, make headway, forge
    • 2. arrive at a specified place:

      we walked along till we came to a stream it was very late when she came back my trunk hasn't come yet
      Synonym : arrive, get here/there, reach one's destination, make it, appear, put in an appearance, make an appearance, come on the scene, come up, approach, enter, present oneself, turn up, be along, come along, materialize, reach, show up, show, roll in, roll up, blow in, show one's face
    • 3. (of a thing) reach or extend to a specified point:

      women in slim dresses that came all the way to their shoes the path comes straight down
      Synonym : reach, arrive at, meet, get to, get up to, get as far as, make, make it to, set foot on, gain, attain, come across, run across, run into, happen on, chance on, light on, come upon, stumble on, blunder on, find by chance, end up at, land up at, fetch up at, hit, wind up at, bump into, run against, extend, stretch, continue, carry on, spread, reach, come as far as, not stop until
    • 4. approach:

      someone was coming she heard the train coming
    • 5. travel in order to be with a specified person, to do a specified thing, or to be present at an event:

      the police came come and live with me the electrician came to fix the stove we have certainly come a long way since Aristotle
    • 6. join someone in participating in a specified activity or course of action:

      do you want to come fishing tomorrow?
    • 7. make progress; develop:

      he's coming along nicely she asked them how their garden was coming on
    • 8. said to someone when correcting, reassuring, or urging them on:

      Come, come, child, no need to thank me.”
    • 9. occur; happen; take place:

      twilight had not yet come a chance like this doesn't come along every day waiting for a crash that never came
      Synonym : happen, occur, take place, come about, transpire, fall, present itself, crop up, materialize, arise, arrive, appear, surface, ensue, follow, come to pass, befall, betide, hap, eventuate
    • 10. be heard, perceived, or experienced:

      a voice came from the kitchen it came as a great shock “No,” came the reply
    • 11. (of a quality) become apparent or noticeable through actions or performance:

      as an actor your style and personality must come through
    • 12. (of a person) appear or sound in a specified way; give a specified impression:

      he'd always come across as a decent guy
    • 13. (of a thought or memory) enter one's mind:

      the basic idea came to me while reading an article a passage from a novel came back to Adam
    • 14. take or occupy a specified position in space, order, or priority:

      prisons come far down the list of priorities I make sure my kids come first
    • 15. achieve a specified place in a race or contest:

      she came second among sixty contestants
    • 16. pass into a specified state, especially one of separation or disunion:

      his shirt had come undone
    • 17. reach or be brought to a specified situation or result:

      you will come to no harm staff who come into contact with the public
    • 18. reach eventually a certain condition or state of mind:

      he had come to realize she was no puppet
    • 19. be sold, available, or found in a specified form:

      the cars come with a variety of extras they come in three sizes
      Synonym : be available, be made, be produced, be for sale, be on offer
    • 20. have an orgasm.

      Synonym : climax, achieve orgasm, orgasm


    • 1. when a specified time is reached or event happens:

      I don't think that they'll be far away from honors come the new season


    • 1. semen ejaculated by a man at an orgasm.

  3. Variation

    • v.: verb: come, 3rd person present: comes, gerund or present participle: coming, past tense: came, past participle: come