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  1. come out

    • (of a fact) emerge; become known

      develop or happen as a result

    • join or become involved in an enterprise

      have a useful role or function

    • (of a building or other structure) collapse or be demolished

      (of an aircraft) crash or crash-land

    • (of an issue, situation, or problem) occur or present itself, especially unexpectedly

      (of a specified time or event) approach or draw near

    • (of a state or condition) start to arrive or happen

      said when encouraging someone to do something or to hurry up or when one feels that someone is wrong or foolish

    • recover consciousness

      be converted to another person's opinion

    • (of an action) succeed; be accomplished

      fare in a specified way in a contest

    • succeed in surviving or dealing with (an illness or ordeal)

      (of a message) be sent and received

    • be classified as or among

      be subject to (an influence or authority)

    • meet or find by chance

      hand over or provide what is wanted

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