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  1. come to

    • recover consciousness

      (of an expense) reach in total; amount to

    • (in sports) recover from a deficit

      reply or respond to someone, especially vigorously

    • (of a feeling or manner) begin to affect (someone)

      change to another side or point of view

    • noun

      a gesture or remark that is intended to attract someone sexually:

      a marketing ploy, such as a free or cheap offer:

    • arrive

      said when encouraging someone or telling them to hurry up

    • happen; take place

      (of a ship) change direction

    • call casually and briefly as a visitor

      manage to acquire or obtain (something)

    • pursue or hunt down (someone)
    • said when asking how or why something happened or is the case
    • used to ask someone to repeat or explain something they have said
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