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  1. cool
  2. adjective


    • 1. a fairly low temperature:

      the cool of the night air
      Synonym : chill, chilliness, coldness, coolness, freshness, crispness
    • 2. a time or place at which the temperature is pleasantly low:

      the cool of the evening
    • 3. calmness; composure:

      he recovered his cool and then started laughing at us
    • 4. the quality of being fashionably attractive or impressive:

      all the cool of high fashion


    • 1. become or cause to become less hot:

      we dived into the river to cool off cool the pastry for five minutes his feelings for her took a long time to cool
      Synonym : chill, refrigerate, make cold/colder, get cold/colder, cool down, lose heat
    • 2. become or cause to become calm or less excited:

      after I'd cooled off, I realized I was being irrational George was trying to cool him down
      Synonym : calm down, recover/regain one's self-control, recover/regain one's composure, compose oneself, control oneself, pull oneself together, simmer down
    • 3. recover from strenuous physical exertion by doing gentle stretches and exercises; warm down.

  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: cool

    • adjective

      of or at a fairly low temperature:

      soothing or refreshing because of its low temperature:

    • noun

      a fairly low temperature:

      a time or place at which the temperature is pleasantly low:

    • verb

      become or make less hot:

      become or make calm or less excited:

    • adjective

      made less hot:
    • adjective

      made less hot:
    • behave in a less excitable manner
    • noun

      a person whose job is to make observations or predictions about new styles and trends.
    • exclamation

      used to express approval or delight:
    • noun

      a soft insulated container for keeping food and drink cool.
    • behave in a less excitable manner
    • adjective

      not easily worried or excited:
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