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  1. count
  2. verb

    • 1. determine the total number of (a collection of items):

      I started to count the stars I could see they counted up their change
      Synonym : add up, add together, find the sum of, sum up, reckon up, figure up, calculate, compute, enumerate, total, tally, add, tot up, cast up, keep a tally of, keep a count of, keep a record of, count up, count off, enumerate, tell, work out
    • 2. recite numbers in ascending order, usually starting at the number one:

      hold the position as you count to five
    • 3. recite or display numbers backward to zero to indicate the time remaining before the launch of a rocket or the start of an operation:

      the floor manager pointed at the camera and counted down
    • 4. prepare for a significant event in the short time remaining before it:

      with more orders expected, the company is counting down to a bumper Christmas
    • 5. take into account; include:

      the staff has shrunk to four, or five if you count the summer intern
      Synonym : include, take into account, take account of, take into consideration, allow for, incorporate
    • 6. include someone in an activity or the plans for it:

      if the project gets started, count me in
    • 7. regard or be regarded as possessing a specified quality or fulfilling a specified role:

      she met some rebuffs from people she had counted as her friends I count myself fortunate to have known him the rebate counts as taxable income
      Synonym : consider, think, feel, regard, look on as, view as, see as, hold to be, judge, adjudge, rate as, deem to be, account, esteem
    • 8. be significant:

      it did not matter what the audience thought—it was the critics that counted
      Synonym : matter, enter into consideration, be of consequence, be of account, be significant, signify, mean anything, mean a lot, amount to anything, rate, be important, be influential, carry weight, weigh, make an impression, cut any ice, have any clout
    • 9. (of a factor) play a part in influencing opinion for or against someone or something:

      he hopes his sportsmanlike attitude will count in his favor
    • 10. be worth (a specified amount):

      he has no power base and his views count for little
    • 11. be included in an assessment of (a final result or amount):

      reduced rate contributions do not count toward your pension


    • 1. an act of determining the total number of something:

      at the last count, fifteen applications were still outstanding the party's only candidate was eliminated at the first count
    • 2. the total determined by counting:

      there was a moderate increase in the white cell count in both patients
      Synonym : amount, number, tally, total, total number, sum total, grand total, full amount, aggregate, whole
    • 3. an act of reciting numbers in ascending order, up to the specified number:

      hold it for a count of seven hold the position for five counts
    • 4. an act of reciting numbers up to ten by the referee when a boxer is knocked down, the boxer being considered knocked out if still down when ten is reached:

      he dropped by the ropes to take a count of six on one knee
    • 5. the number of balls and strikes that have been charged to the batter, as recalculated with each pitch:

      the count on Gwynn is 1 ball and 2 strikes
    • 6. a point for discussion or consideration:

      the program remained vulnerable on a number of counts
    • 7. a separate charge in an indictment:

      he pleaded guilty to five counts of murder
    • 8. the measure of the fineness of a yarn expressed as the weight of a given length or the length of a given weight.

    • 9. a measure of the fineness of a woven fabric expressed as the number of warp or weft threads in a given length.

  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: count, plural noun: counts

    • v.: verb: count, 3rd person present: counts, gerund or present participle: counting, past tense: counted, past participle: counted

    • noun

      a European nobleman whose rank corresponds to that of an English earl.
    • verb

      determine the total number of (a collection of items):

      recite numbers in ascending order:

    • noun

      an act of determining the total number of something:

      the total determined by counting:

    • noun

      a foreign nobleman whose rank corresponds to that of an earl.
    • preposition

      taking account of when reaching a total; including:
    • preposition

      taking account of when reaching a total; including:
    • noun

      an instance of counting the number of people present:

      a total number of people, especially the number of people employed in a particular organization:

    • noun

      a feudal lord having royal authority within a region of a kingdom.

      a high official of the Holy Roman Empire with royal authority within his domain.

    • noun

      a determination of the number of corpuscles in a specific volume of blood.

      the number of corpuscles found by taking a blood count:

    • count imaginary sheep jumping over a fence one by one in an attempt to put oneself to sleep
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