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  1. cut
  2. verb

    • 1. make an opening, incision, or wound in (something) with sa sharp-edged tool or object:

      he cut his big toe on a sharp stone he cut open MacKay's face with the end of his hockey stick his scorn cut deeper than knives
    • 2. make an incision in one's own flesh, as a symptom of emotional distress:

      she's been cutting every day after school for months they cut themselves in a sad attempt to release the pain
    • 3. remove (something) from something larger by using a sharp implement:

      I cut his photograph out of the paper some prisoners had their right hands cut off
    • 4. castrate (an animal, especially a horse).

    • 5. remove the foreskin of a penis; circumcise.

    • 6. make something by cutting:

      I cut out some squares of paper
    • 7. remove, exclude, or stop eating or doing something undesirable:

      start today by cutting out fatty foods
    • 8. separate an animal from the main herd:

      after the target animal is spotted, the pilot swoops down, cutting it out of the herd
    • 9. divide into pieces with a knife or other sharp implement:

      cut the beef into thin slices he cut his food up into teeny pieces
      Synonym : chop, cut up, slice, dice, cube, mince, carve, divide, hash
    • 10. make divisions in (something):

      land that has been cut up by streams into forested areas
    • 11. separate (something) into two; sever:

      they cut the rope before he choked
      Synonym : sever, cleave, cut in two, rend, sunder, dissever
    • 12. make something, especially a tree, fall by cutting it through at the base:

      some 24 hectares of trees were cut down
    • 13. (of a weapon, bullet, or disease) kill or injure someone:

      Barker had been cut down by a sniper's bullet
    • 14. make or form (something) by using a sharp tool to remove material:

      workmen cut a hole in the pipe
    • 15. make or design (a garment) in a particular way:

      an impeccably cut chalk-stripe suit
    • 16. make (a path, tunnel, or other route) by excavation, digging, or chopping:

      plans to cut a road through a rainforest investigators called for a machete to cut through the bush
    • 17. make (a sound recording):

      quadraphonic LPs had to be cut at a lower volume level than conventional records
      Synonym : record, make a recording of, put on disk/tape, make a tape of, tape-record, lay down
    • 18. trim or reduce the length of (something, especially grass or a person's hair or fingernails) by using a sharp implement:

      cutting the lawn cut back all the year's growth to about four leaves
    • 19. reduce the amount or quantity of:

      buyers will bargain hard to cut the cost of the house they want I should cut down my sugar intake they've cut back on costs the state passed a law to cut down on drunk-driving the paper glut cuts into profits
      Synonym : reduce, cut back/down on, decrease, lessen, retrench, diminish, trim, prune, slim down, ease up on, rationalize, downsize, slenderize, economize on, mark down, discount, lower, slash, axe
    • 20. abridge (a text, movie, or performance) by removing material:

      he had to cut unnecessary additions made to the opening scene
    • 21. delete (part of a text or other display) completely or so as to insert a copy of it elsewhere.

    • 22. (in sports) remove (a player) from a team's roster.

    • 23. end or interrupt the provision of (something, especially power or food supplies):

      we resolved to cut oil supplies to territories controlled by the rebels if the pump develops a fault, the electrical supply is immediately cut off
      Synonym : discontinue, break off, suspend, interrupt, stop, end, put an end to
    • 24. block the usual means of access to a place:

      the caves were cut off from the outside world by a landslide
    • 25. switch off (an engine or a light):

      Niall brought the car to a halt and cut the engine
      Synonym : turn off, switch off, shut off, deactivate, kill
    • 26. absent oneself deliberately from (something one should normally attend, especially school):

      Robert was cutting class
    • 27. ignore or refuse to recognize (someone):

      they cut her in public
      Synonym : snub, ignore, shun, give someone the cold shoulder, cold-shoulder, turn one's back on, cut dead, look right through, pretend not to see, rebuff, spurn, ostracize, send to Coventry, give someone the brush-off, freeze out, stiff-arm, give someone the bum's rush, give someone the brush, snout, give someone the go-by
    • 28. (of a line) cross or intersect (another line):

      the point where the line cuts the vertical axis
    • 29. pass or traverse, especially so as to shorten one's route:

      the following aircraft cut across to join him
    • 30. have an effect regardless of (divisions or boundaries between groups):

      subcultures that cut across national and political boundaries
    • 31. leave or move hurriedly:

      you can cut along now
    • 32. stop filming or recording:

      Cut” shouted a voice, followed by “Could we do it again, please?”
    • 33. move to another shot in a movie:

      cut to a dentist's surgery
    • 34. make (a movie) into a coherent whole by removing parts or placing them in a different order:

      I like to watch the rushes at home before I start cutting the film
    • 35. divide (a pack of playing cards) by lifting a portion from the top, either to reveal or draw a card at random or to place the top portion under the bottom portion:

      let's cut for dealer
    • 36. slice (the ball).

    • 37. adulterate (a drug) or dilute (alcohol) by mixing it with another substance:

      speed cut with rat poison
    • 38. come up to expectations; meet requirements:

      this CD player doesn't quite cut it


    • 1. a stroke or blow given by a sharp-edged implement or by a whip or cane:

      he could skin an animal with a single cut of the knife
      Synonym : blow, slash, stroke, swipe
    • 2. a haircut:

      his hair was in need of a cut
      Synonym : haircut, trim, clip, crop
    • 3. a reduction in amount or size:

      she took a 20% pay cut a cut in interest rates
    • 4. (in sports) a removal of a player from a team's roster.

    • 5. an act of removing part of a play, movie, or book, especially to shorten the work or to delete offensive material:

      they would not publish the book unless the author was willing to make cuts
    • 6. an immediate transition from one scene to another in a movie:

      instead of hard cuts, we used dissolves to give it a very dreamy character
    • 7. the halfway point of a golf tournament, where half of the players are eliminated.

    • 8. a stroke made with a sharp horizontal or downward action of the racket, imparting spin.

    • 9. a long, narrow incision in the skin made by something sharp:

      blood ran from a cut on his jaw
    • 10. a long, narrow opening or incision made in a surface or piece of material:

      make a single cut along the top of each potato
    • 11. a piece of meat cut from a carcass:

      a good lean cut of beef
      Synonym : piece, section, bit, joint
    • 12. a share of the profits from something:

      the directors are demanding their cut
      Synonym : share, portion, bit, quota, percentage, commission, dividend, whack, slice of the cake, rake-off, piece of the action
    • 13. a recording of a piece of music:

      a cut from his forthcoming album
    • 14. a version of a movie after editing:

      the director's cut
    • 15. a passage cut or dug out, as a railroad cutting or a new channel made for a river or other waterway:

      the cut connected with the Harborough arm of the canal
    • 16. a woodcut.

    • 17. a wounding remark or act:

      his unkindest cut at Elizabeth was to call her heartless
      Synonym : insult, slight, affront, slap in the face, jibe, barb, cutting remark, shaft, put-down, dig, brush-off
    • 18. the way or style in which something, especially a garment, is cut:

      the elegant cut of his dinner jacket
      Synonym : style, design, tailoring, lines, fit
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: cut, plural noun: cuts

    • v.: verb: cut, 3rd person present: cuts, gerund or present participle: cutting, past tense: cut, past participle: cut

    • verb

      make an opening, incision, or wound in (something) with a sharp-edged tool or object:

      make a deliberate incision in (one's flesh), as a symptom of psychological or emotional distress:

    • noun

      a stroke or blow given by a sharp-edged implement or by a whip or cane:

      a haircut:

    • noun

      the action of cutting something:

      a piece cut off from something, especially what remains when something is being trimmed or prepared:

    • adjective

      capable of cutting something:

      (of a comment) causing emotional pain; hurtful:

    • noun

      the action of cutting something:

      a piece cut off from something, especially what remains when something is being trimmed or prepared:

    • adjective

      capable of cutting something:

      (of a comment) causing emotional pain; hurtful:

    • adjective

      divided into pieces by cutting:

      (of a soft piece of ground) having an uneven surface after the passage of heavy vehicles or animals:

    • noun

      a film or sound recording made by cutting and editing material from preexisting recordings:

      a person who is fond of making jokes or playing pranks:

    • interrupt someone while they are speaking

      interrupt a dancing couple to take over from one partner

    • adjective

      sharply defined; easy to perceive or understand:

      (of an area) from which every tree has been cut down and removed:

    • verb

      cut down and remove every tree from (an area):
    • free (someone or something) from something which holds or restricts them

      distance oneself from a person, group, or system by which one is unduly influenced or on which one is overdependent

    • behave in a mischievous or unruly manner

      (of a horse race) have a particular selection of runners

    • adjective

      for sale at a reduced or unusually low price:

      offering goods at reduced prices:

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