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  1. de·mand
  2. noun


    • 1. ask authoritatively or brusquely:

      “Where is she?” he demanded the police demanded that he give them the names
      Synonym : order to, command to, tell to, call on to, enjoin to, urge to, bid, ask, inquire, question, interrogate, challenge
    • 2. insist on having:

      an outraged public demanded retribution too much was being demanded of the top players
      Synonym : call for, ask for, request, press for, push for, hold out for, clamor for, bay for, insist on, lay claim to, claim, requisition, insist on, stipulate, make a condition of, exact, impose, expect, look for
    • 3. require; need:

      a complex activity demanding detailed knowledge
      Synonym : require, need, necessitate, call for, take, involve, entail, cry out for, want
    • 4. call into court; summon.

  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: demand, plural noun: demands

    • v.: verb: demand, 3rd person present: demands, gerund or present participle: demanding, past tense: demanded, past participle: demanded

    • noun

      an insistent and peremptory request, made as of right:

      pressing requirements:

    • verb

      ask authoritatively or brusquely:

      insist on having:

    • noun

      a formal request for payment.

      another term for demand draft

    • noun

      the level of demand that represents a real intention to purchase by people with the means to pay.
    • adjective

      motivated or caused by economic demand:
    • noun

      a graph showing how the demand for a commodity or service varies with changes in its price.
    • noun

      a deposit of money that can be withdrawn without prior notice.
    • noun

      a demand for a commodity, service, etc. which is a consequence of the demand for something else.
    • noun

      the total demand for goods and services within a particular market:
    • sought after
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