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  1. dev·il
  2. noun

    • 1. (in Christian and Jewish belief) the chief evil spirit; Satan:

      belief in the Devil the work of the devil
    • 2. an evil spirit; a demon:

      casting out devils
      Synonym : evil spirit, demon, fiend, imp, bogie, ghost, specter, spook, bugbear, cacodemon
    • 3. a very wicked or cruel person:

      they prefer voting for devils rather than for decent men
    • 4. a mischievously clever or self-willed person:

      the cunning old devil is up to something
    • 5. fighting spirit; wildness:

      he was dangerous when the devil was in him
    • 6. a thing that is very difficult or awkward to do or deal with:

      it's going to be the very devil to disentangle
    • 7. a person with specified characteristics:

      a lucky devil the poor devil
    • 8. expressing surprise or annoyance in various questions or exclamations:

      “Where the devil is he?”
    • 9. an instrument or machine fitted with sharp teeth or spikes, used for tearing or other destructive work.

    • 10. a junior assistant of a lawyer or other professional.


    • 1. act as a junior assistant for a lawyer or other professional:

      there is the possibility of devilling for fellow members of the Bar
    • 2. harass or worry (someone):

      he was deviled by a new-found fear
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: Devil, plural noun: devils

    • v.: verb: devil, 3rd person present: devils, gerund or present participle: devilling, past tense: devilled, past participle: devilled

    • noun

      (in Christian and Jewish belief) the supreme spirit of evil; Satan:

      an evil spirit; a demon:

    • verb

      act as a junior assistant for a barrister or other professional:

      harass or worry (someone):

    • adjective

      (of food) cooked with hot seasoning:
    • adjective

      (of food) cooked with hot seasoning:
    • noun

      a blue capsule containing a barbiturate.

      a feeling of despondency or low spirits.

    • noun

      a crude sled, used chiefly for dragging logs.

      a jointed apparatus for cleaning pipelines.

    • not even one or any
    • noun

      a malicious or spiteful woman:
    • noun

      a large, long-tailed ray that has a fleshy, hornlike projection on each side of the mouth. It occurs on or near the surface of warm seas and feeds on plankton.
    • noun

      a small whirlwind or air vortex over land, visible as a column of dust and debris:
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