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  1. dice
  2. noun

    • 1. a small cube with each side having a different number of spots on it, ranging from one to six, thrown and used in gambling and other games involving chance.

    • 2. a game played with dice.

    • 3. small cubes of food:

      cut the meat into dice


    • 1. play or gamble with dice:

      prohibitions on all dancing and dicing
    • 2. take risks with; run the risk of:

      his side continue to dice with disaster you are dicing with an unknown problem
    • 3. cut (food or other matter) into small cubes:

      dice the peppers
    • 4. reject or abandon:

      he'd better behave, or I'll dice him
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: dice, plural noun: dice

    • v.: verb: dice, 3rd person present: dices, gerund or present participle: dicing, past tense: diced, past participle: diced