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  1. dis·ap·pear
  2. verb

    • 1. cease to be visible:

      he disappeared into the trees the sun had disappeared
      Synonym : vanish, pass from sight, cease to be visible, vanish from sight, recede from view, be lost to view/sight, fade, fade/melt away, withdraw, depart, retire, retreat, go, pass, ebb, wane, dissipate, be dispelled, dematerialize, evaporate, evanesce
    • 2. cease to exist or be in use:

      the tension had completely disappeared
      Synonym : die out, die, become extinct, cease to be/exist, be no more, come to an end, end, pass away, pass into oblivion, expire, perish, wither away, peter out, fizzle out, leave no trace
    • 3. be lost or go missing; become impossible to find:

      my wallet seems to have disappeared the couple disappeared while travelling through Afghanistan nearly two years ago
      Synonym : get lost, go missing, be mislaid, be forgotten, be left behind, be stolen, be taken
    • 4. abduct or arrest and kill or detain (a person) for political reasons, without making their fate known:

      it is estimated that some 7000 people have been disappeared by security forces
  3. Variation

    • v.: verb: disappear, 3rd person present: disappears, gerund or present participle: disappearing, past tense: disappeared, past participle: disappeared

    • verb

      cease to be visible:

      cease to exist or be in use:

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