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  1. dy·ing
  2. adjective

    • 1. on the point of death:

      he visited his dying mother
      Synonym : terminally ill, at death's door, on one's deathbed, in the jaws of death, on the point of death, near death, passing away, fading fast, sinking fast, expiring, moribund, breathing one's last, not long for this world, in extremis, on one's last legs, with one foot in the grave, giving up the ghost
    • 2. occurring at or connected with the time that someone dies:

      he strained to catch her dying words
      Synonym : final, last, departing, deathbed
    • 3. gradually ceasing to exist or function; in decline and about to disappear:

      the dying embers of the fire stone-cutting is a dying art
      Synonym : declining, vanishing, fading, passing, ebbing, waning, in decline, on the way out, on its last legs