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  1. ex·e·cute
  2. verb

    • 1. carry out or put into effect (a plan, order, or course of action):

      the corporation executed a series of financial deals
      Synonym : carry out, accomplish, perform, implement, effect, bring off, bring about, achieve, carry off, carry through, complete, enact, enforce, put into effect, put into practice, do, discharge, prosecute, engineer, administer, attain, realize, fulfill, perpetrate, pull off, swing, cut, acquit oneself of, effectuate
    • 2. produce (a work of art):

      not only does she execute embroideries, she designs them too
    • 3. perform (an activity or maneuver requiring care or skill):

      they had to execute their dance steps with the greatest precision
      Synonym : perform, present, render, stage, put on
    • 4. make (a legal instrument) valid by signing or sealing it.

    • 5. carry out (a judicial sentence, the terms of a will, or other order):

      police executed a search warrant
    • 6. carry out an instruction or program.

    • 7. carry out a sentence of death on (a legally condemned person):

      he was convicted of treason and executed
      Synonym : put to death, carry out a sentence of death on, kill, hang, send to the gibbet, behead, guillotine, decapitate, electrocute, shoot, put before a firing squad, send to the gas chamber, garrotte, crucify, stone to death, lynch, send to the electric chair, send to the chair, string up, fry, bowstring
    • 8. kill (someone) as a political act:

      he would be executed if he fell into rebel hands
  3. Variation

    • v.: verb: execute, 3rd person present: executes, gerund or present participle: executing, past tense: executed, past participle: executed

    • verb

      put (a plan, order, or course of action) into effect:

      produce (a work of art):

    • adjective

      skillfully carried out:
    • adjective

      operating or occurring automatically:

      (of a law or legal clause) not needing legislation to be enforced; automatic:

    • adjective

      skilfully carried out:
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