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  1. ex·pire
  2. verb

    • 1. (of a document, authorization, or agreement) cease to be valid, typically after a fixed period of time:

      the old contract had expired
      Synonym : run out, become invalid, become void, be no longer valid, lapse, cease, become obsolete, end, finish, stop, come to an end, conclude, terminate, be over, be at an end
    • 2. (of a period of time) come to an end:

      the three-year period has expired
    • 3. (of a person) die:

      the lady had expired bearing her lord a son
      Synonym : die, pass away/on, decease, perish, depart this life, be no more, breathe one's last, draw one's last breath, meet one's end, meet one's death, meet one's Maker, give up the ghost, go to the great beyond, cross the great divide, shuffle off this mortal coil, go the way of the/all flesh, go to one's last resting place, kick the bucket, bite the dust, croak, conk out, buy it, turn up one's toes, cash in one's chips, go belly up, snuff it, peg out, pop one's clogs
    • 4. exhale (air) from the lung:

      the volume of expired air
      Synonym : breathe out, exhale, puff out, blow out, expel, emit
  3. Variation

    • v.: verb: expire, 3rd person present: expires, gerund or present participle: expiring, past tense: expired, past participle: expired

    • verb

      (of a document, authorization, or agreement) come to the end of the period of validity:

      (of a period of time) come to an end:

    • adjective

      (especially of locomotives or other railway equipment) worn out or outdated:
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