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  1. express
  2. adjective

    • 1. operating at high speed:

      executives have their own express lift direct to floor 42
    • 2. (of a train or other form of public transport) making few intermediate stops and reaching its destination quickly:

      an express train bound for Innsbruck an express bus service an express elevator
    • 3. denoting a service in which letters or packages are delivered by a special service to ensure speed or security:

      an express letter an express airmail service


    • 1. by express train or delivery service:

      I got my wife to send my gloves express to the hotel


    • 1. a train that stops at few stations and travels quickly:

      we embarked for the south of France on an overnight express
    • 2. a special delivery service:

      the books arrived by express
    • 3. an express rifle.


    • 1. send by express messenger or delivery:

      I expressed my clothes to my destination
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: express, plural noun: expresses