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  1. fast
  2. adjective


    • 1. at high speed:

      he was driving too fast
      Synonym : quickly, rapidly, swiftly, speedily, briskly, at speed, at full speed, at full tilt, energetically, hastily, with all haste, in haste, hurriedly, in a hurry, posthaste, pell-mell, without delay, expeditiously, with dispatch, like a shot, like a flash, in a flash, in the blink of an eye, in a wink, in a trice, in no time (at all), on the double, at the speed of light, like an arrow from a bow, double quick, in double quick time, p.d.q. (pretty damn quick), nippily, like (greased) lightning, at warp speed, hell for leather, like mad, like crazy, like the wind, like a bomb, like nobody's business, like a scalded cat, like the deuce, a mile a minute, like a bat out of hell, at warp speed, like the clappers, at a rate of knots, like billy-o, lickety-split, apace
    • 2. within a short time:

      they think they're going to get rich fast
    • 3. so as to be hard to move; securely:

      the ship was held fast by the anchor chain
      Synonym : securely, tightly, immovably, fixedly, firmly
    • 4. so as to be hard to wake:

      they were too fast asleep to reply
      Synonym : deeply, sound, completely
    • verb

      abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, especially as a religious observance.
    • noun

      an act or period of fasting:
    • adjective

      moving or capable of moving at high speed:

      taking place at high speed; taking a short time:

    • adverb

      at high speed:

      within a short time:

    • verb

      abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, especially as a religious observance:

      be deprived of all or some kinds of food, especially for medical or experimental reasons:

    • noun

      an act or period of fasting:
    • noun

      a control on a tape or video player for advancing the tape rapidly:

      a facility for cueing audio equipment by allowing the tape to be played at high speed and stopped when the desired place is reached.

    • verb

      advance (a tape) rapidly, sometimes while simultaneously playing it at high speed:

      move speedily forward in time when considering or dealing with something over a period:

    • noun

      a swift attack from a defensive position in basketball, soccer, and other ball games:
    • verb

      make a swift attack from a defensive position in certain ball games:
    • noun

      a lane of a highway for use by traffic that is moving faster than the rest.

      a situation in which life is hectic or highly pressured:

    • noun

      a route, course, or method that provides for more rapid results than usual:
    • verb

      accelerate the development or progress of (a person or project):
    • noun

      a breeder reactor in which the neutrons causing fission are not slowed by any moderator.
    • verb

      pressure (someone) into doing something using rapid or misleading speech:
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