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  1. field
  2. noun

    • 1. an area of open land, especially one planted with crops or pasture, typically bounded by hedges or fences:

      a wheat field a field of corn
    • 2. a piece of land used for a particular purpose, especially an area marked out for a game or sport:

      a football field
      Synonym : sports field, ground, playing field, recreation ground, arena, stadium, pitch, park
    • 3. defensive play or the defensive positions collectively:

      he is fast in the field and on the bases
    • 4. a large area of land or water completely covered in a particular substance, especially snow or ice:

      an ice field
    • 5. an area rich in a natural product, typically oil or gas:

      an oil field
    • 6. a place where a subject of scientific study or of artistic representation can be observed in its natural location or context.

    • 7. an area on which a battle is fought:

      a field of battle
    • 8. a battle:

      many a bloody field was to be fought
    • 9. a particular branch of study or sphere of activity or interest:

      we talked to professionals in various fields
    • 10. a part of a record, representing an item of data.

    • 11. a general area of meaning within which individual words make particular distinctions.

    • 12. a space or range within which objects are visible from a particular viewpoint or through a piece of apparatus:

      the stars drift through this telescope's field of view
      Synonym : scope, range, sweep, reach, extent, purview, limits, confines, parameters, bounds, horizons
    • 13. all the participants in a contest or sport:

      he destroyed the rest of the field with a devastating injection of speed
      Synonym : competitors, entrants, competition, runners, applicants, candidates, possibles, possibilities, hopefuls
    • 14. an area on a flag with a single background color:

      fifty white stars on a blue field
    • 15. the surface of an escutcheon or of one of its divisions.

    • 16. the region in which a particular condition prevails, especially one in which a force or influence is effective regardless of the presence or absence of a material medium.

    • 17. the force exerted or potentially exerted in a field:

      the variation in the strength of the field
    • 18. a system subject to two binary operations analogous to those for the multiplication and addition of real numbers, and having similar commutative and distributive laws.


    • 1. play as a fielder.

    • 2. catch or stop (the ball):

      he fielded the ball cleanly, but threw it down the right-field line
      Synonym : catch, stop, retrieve, return, throw back
    • 3. send out (a team or individual) to play in a game:

      a high school that traditionally fielded mediocre teams
      Synonym : put in the team, send out, play, put up
    • 4. (of a political party) nominate (a candidate) to run in an election:

      a radical political party that is beginning to field candidates in local elections
    • 5. deploy (an army):

      no one had the power to field an army of any consequence
    • 6. deal with (a difficult question, telephone call, etc.):

      she has fielded five calls from salespeople
      Synonym : deal with, handle, cope with, answer, reply to, respond to, react to, parry, deflect, turn aside, evade, sidestep, avoid, dodge, answer evasively, fend off, duck


  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: field, plural noun: fields

    • v.: verb: field, 3rd person present: fields, gerund or present participle: fielding, past tense: fielded, past participle: fielded

    • noun

      an area of open land, especially one planted with crops or pasture, typically bounded by hedges or fences:

      a piece of land used for a particular purpose, especially an area marked out for a game or sport:

    • verb

      attempt to catch or stop the ball and return it after it has been hit by the batsman or batter, thereby preventing runs being scored or base runners advancing.

      catch or stop (the ball) and return it:

    • adjective

      carried out or working in the natural environment, rather than in a laboratory or office:

      (of military equipment) light and mobile for use on campaign:

    • noun

      a review or an exercise, especially in maneuvering.

      a day devoted to athletic contests or other sporting events, typically at a school.

    • noun

      the part of the outfield to the left of center field from the perspective of home plate:

      the position of the defensive player stationed in left field:

    • noun

      a goal scored by a placekick, scoring three points.

      a basket scored while the clock is running and the ball is in play.

    • noun

      a field test.

      a competition for hunting dogs to test their levels of skill and training in retrieving or pointing.

    • noun

      a test carried out in the environment in which a product or device is to be used.
    • verb

      test (something) in the environment in which it will be used.
    • noun

      a large building, often part of a college, that provides space for a variety of athletic facilities, such as basketball and squash courts, a running track, a swimming pool, exercise equipment, and often an indoor arena with spectator seating:

      a building usually adjacent to an athletic field and equipped with changing rooms, lockers, showers, etc., for those using the athletic facility:

    • adjective

      relating to or occurring in the area beyond the line of scrimmage where defenders are relatively scattered:

      (of a movement) with starts, stops, and changes of direction, in the manner of a broken-field ballcarrier:

    • noun

      the central part of the outfield, behind second base:

      the position of an outfielder in center field:

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