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  1. fire
  2. noun


    • 1. discharge a gun or other weapon in order to explosively propel (a bullet or projectile):

      he fired a shot at the retreating prisoners they fired off a few rounds
      Synonym : launch, shoot, discharge, eject, hurl, throw, send flying, let fly with, loose off, shy, send, pop, shoot, discharge, let off, trigger, set off, blast, let fly with
    • 2. discharge (a gun or other weapon):

      troops fired on crowds another gang fired a pistol
    • 3. (of a gun) be discharged:

      the first gun fired
    • 4. (of a nerve or muscle cell) generate an impulse or contraction:

      the signal is generated by neurons firing in response to the visual stimulus
    • 5. direct (questions or statements, especially unwelcome ones) toward someone in rapid succession:

      they fired questions at me for what seemed like ages
    • 6. send a message aggressively, especially as one of a series:

      he fired off a letter informing her that he regarded the matter with the utmost seriousness
    • 7. dismiss (an employee) from a job:

      having to fire men who've been with me for years you're fired!
      Synonym : dismiss, discharge, give someone their notice, lay off, let go, throw out, get rid of, oust, depose, make redundant, cashier, sack, give the sack to, axe, kick out, boot out, give someone the boot, give someone the bullet, give someone the (old) heave-ho, give someone the push, give someone their marching orders, show someone the door, give someone their cards, give someone the elbow
    • 8. supply (a furnace, engine, boiler, or power station) with fuel:

      liquefied petroleum gas can fire room heaters
    • 9. (of an internal combustion engine, or a cylinder in one) undergo ignition of its fuel when started:

      the engine fired and she pushed her foot down on the accelerator
      Synonym : ignite, start, catch, get started, get going
    • 10. start (an engine or other device):

      with a flick of his wrist he fired up the chainsaw she fired up her laptop and checked her email
    • 11. set fire to:

      I fired the straw
    • 12. stimulate or excite (the imagination or an emotion):

      India fired my imagination
      Synonym : stimulate, stir up, excite, enliven, awaken, arouse, rouse, draw/call forth, bring out, engender, evoke, inflame, put/breathe life into, animate, inspire, motivate, quicken, incite, drive, impel, spur on, galvanize, electrify, trigger, impassion
    • 13. fill (someone) with enthusiasm:

      in the locker room they were really fired up
    • 14. show sudden anger:

      If I were to hear anyone disparage you, I would fire up in a flash
    • 15. bake or dry (pottery, bricks, etc.) in a kiln:

      methane gas is being used to fire bricks at a nearby factory
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: fire, plural noun: fires

    • v.: verb: fire, 3rd person present: fires, gerund or present participle: firing, past tense: fired, past participle: fired

    • noun

      a process in which substances combine chemically with oxygen from the air and typically give out bright light, heat, and smoke; combustion or burning:

      a destructive burning of something:

    • verb

      discharge a gun or other weapon in order to propel (a bullet or projectile):

      discharge (a gun or other weapon):

    • noun

      a fire in brush or scrub.

      a conflict, especially an armed conflict, that arises suddenly and is limited in scale or area:

    • adjective

      (of a mythical creature) capable of exhaling flames:

      denoting a person who takes fuel into their mouth and spits it out over a flame to produce a jet of fire as a form of entertainment:

    • noun

      a dragon or other mythical creature capable of exhaling flames:

      an entertainer who takes fuel into their mouth and spits it out over a flame to produce a jet of fire as a form of entertainment:

    • noun

      a practice of the emergency procedures to be used in case of fire.

      a primitive device for kindling fire by frictional heating, consisting of a pointed stick that is twirled in a hole in a flat piece of soft wood.

    • noun

      a large-diameter hose used in extinguishing fires.

      an unfiltered, real-time stream of data produced by a social media website or other online service:

    • noun

      the process of targeting and firing heavy weapons.

      the prevention and monitoring of forest fires and grass fires.

    • adjective

      (especially of something said in dialogue or done in a sequence) unhesitating and rapid:

      (of a gun) able to fire shots in rapid succession.

    • noun

      a fire in a dumpster:

      a chaotic or disastrously mishandled situation:

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