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  1. form
  2. n. noun

    • 1. (shape) 形狀; 體型

      to take or assume the form of sth. 呈現出某物的形狀
    • 2. (manifestation, substance) 形式

      in the form of sth. 以某種形式to take the form of sth. 以某種形式出現not in any shape or form 不論任何形式
    • 3. (type, kind) 類型

      form of sth. 某物的種類what form of government do you think will ultimately emerge? 你認為最終會出現何種政體?
    • 4. (document) 表格

      an application/tax form 申請表/稅表a blank form 空白表格to fill in or fill out or complete a form 填寫表格
    • 5. (physical or mental condition) 狀態

      in good/top form 競技狀態良好/極佳to be on/off form 狀態良好/不佳to run or be true to form 一如既往on present form 從目前狀況看he has shown an improvement in form recently 最近他的狀態有所改善
    • 6. (of painting, building, music, literary work) 表現形式

      a sense of form 形式感the form and content of a novel 小說的形式與內容the historical novel is a dying literary form 歷史小說是一種瀕臨消失的文學樣式
    • 7. (etiquette) 禮貌; 習俗

      purely as a matter of form 純粹依照慣例bad/good form 禮貌/不禮貌
    • 8. (Brit) (dated) (Sch) 年級

      a third-form pupil 三年級學生to move or go up into the next form 升至下一年級Form One/Two 一/二年級form captain/room/tutor 級長/教室/年級導師
    • 9. (prescribed set of words) 公式化語句

      in due form 以適當的慣用語言
    • 10. (Brit) (bench) 無背長板凳

    • 11. (Brit) (of hare) 窩

    • 12. (Brit) (sl) (criminal record) 犯罪記錄

      to have form (for sth.) 有(某罪行的)案底
    • 13. (Ling) 形式

      an adjectival/feminine/plural/negative form 形容詞/陰性/複數/否定形式

    transitive verb

    • 1. (create) 製作; 建立

      to form one's letters 組合字母he rolled up the paper to form a ball 他將紙團成一個球how are stalactites formed? 鐘乳石是如何形成的?please form sentences using these words 請用這些詞造句to form sth. out of sth. 用某物製成某物to form sth. from sth. 由某物構成某物how do you form the future tense? 怎樣構成將來時態?she doesn't form her words properly 她說話音不準to form the habit of doing sth. 養成做某事的習慣
    • 2. (make develop) 形成; 排列成; 編成

      to form words into a sentence 將這些單詞組成一個句子the general formed the troops into brigades 將軍把部隊編成旅to form objects into patterns 把物體擺成圖案the workers formed themselves into unions 工人們成立了工會
    • 3. (conceive) 產生; 構想出

      to form an image (of sb.) 構想出(某人的)形象
    • 4. (mould) 塑造

      influential in forming public opinion 對民意的形成頗具影響力的
    • 5. (establish) 建立

    • 6. (constitute) 構成

      the trees form a windbreak 樹木構成一道防風牆young people formed the bulk of the protesters 年輕人佔抗議者的大多數to form (a) part of sth. 構成某物的一部分to be formed from sth. 由某物構成

    intransitive verb

    • 1. 形成

      a scab had formed on his arm 他的手臂上結了痂how do stalactites form? 鐘乳石是怎樣形成的?
  3. Variation

    • 動變: formed,formed,forming

    • 名複: forms

  4. Synonyms

    1. the visible shape or configuration of something

    2. the body or shape of a person or animal

    3. style, design, and arrangement in an artistic work as distinct from its content

    4. a particular way in which a thing exists or appears

    5. a type or variety of something

    6. the customary or correct method or procedure

    7. a printed document with blank spaces for information to be inserted

    8. a class or year in a school, usually given a specifying number

    9. the state of a sports player or team with regard to their current standard of play

  5. 反義字

    「1. style, design, and arrangement in an artistic work as distinct from its content」的反義字:

    「2. bring together parts or combine to create (something)」的反義字:

    「3. gradually appear or develop」的反義字:

  6. Phrase

    • 表單形狀,表格,形式形成,排列,(使)組成
    • 形成,形式
    • 形成
    • 形成形成
    • n. noun



    • transitive verb

      使…重新編隊; 重新組成
    • intransitive verb

      重新編隊; 重新組成; 重新形成
    • intransitive verb

    • transitive verb

    • n. noun

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