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  1. har·mo·nize
  2. verb

    • 1. add notes to (a melody) to produce harmony:

      we harmonize a scale using only the notes from that particular key
    • 2. sing or play in harmony.

    • 3. produce a pleasing visual combination:

      the containers harmonize in color, texture, and shape with the flowers they display steeply pitched roofs which harmonize with the form of the main roof
      Synonym : coordinate, go together, match, fit together, blend, mix, balance, tone in, be compatible, be harmonious, be congruous, be consonant, be well coordinated, suit each other, set each other off
    • 4. make consistent or compatible:

      the economic group founded to harmonize national development plans efforts to harmonize US regulations with international standards
      Synonym : coordinate, systematize, correlate, match, integrate, synchronize, homogenize, bring together, make consistent, bring in line (with), bring in tune (with), tie in, concert
  3. Variation

    • v.: verb: harmonize, 3rd person present: harmonizes, gerund or present participle: harmonizing, past tense: harmonized, past participle: harmonized

    • verb

      add notes to (a melody) to produce harmony:

      sing or play in harmony.

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