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  1. hold
  2. verb

    • 1. grasp, carry, or support with one's arms or hands:

      she was holding a brown leather suitcase he held onto the back of a chair
      Synonym : clasp, hold onto, clutch, grasp, grip, clench, cling to, have in one's hand, carry, bear, cleave to
    • 2. keep or sustain in a specified position:

      I held the door open for him
    • 3. embrace (someone):

      Mark pulled her into his arms and held her close
      Synonym : embrace, hug, clasp, cradle, fold, enfold, envelop, squeeze, hold tight, hold in one's arms, embosom
    • 4. be able to bear (the weight of a person or thing):

      I reached up to the nearest branch that seemed likely to hold my weight
      Synonym : support, bear, carry, take, hold up, keep up, sustain, prop up, bolster up, shore up, buttress, brace
    • 5. (of a vehicle) maintain close contact with (the road), especially when driven at speed:

      the car holds the corners very well
    • 6. (of a ship or an aircraft) continue to follow (a particular course):

      the ship is holding a southeasterly course
    • 7. keep going in a particular direction:

      he held on his way, close behind his friend
    • 8. keep or detain (someone):

      the police were holding him on a murder charge she was held prisoner for two days
      Synonym : detain, hold in custody, imprison, lock up, shut up, put behind bars, put in prison, put in jail, incarcerate, keep under lock and key, confine, impound, immure, intern, constrain, keep under constraint, put away, put inside
    • 9. keep possession of (something), typically in the face of a challenge or attack:

      the rebels held the town for many weeks White managed to hold onto his lead
    • 10. keep (someone's interest or attention).

    • 11. (of a singer or musician) sustain (a note).

    • 12. stay or cause to stay at a certain value or level:

      the savings rate held at 5% he is determined to hold down inflation
    • 13. remain secure, intact, or in position without breaking or giving way:

      the boat's anchor would not hold
    • 14. (of a favorable condition or situation) continue without changing:

      let's hope her luck holds
      Synonym : continue, carry on, go on, hold on, hold out, keep up, keep going, last, persist, endure, stay, remain, remain unchanged
    • 15. be or remain valid or available:

      I'll have that coffee now, if the offer still holds
      Synonym : remain available, remain valid, remain in force, hold good, stand, apply, remain, exist, operate, obtain, be the case, be in force, be in operation, be in effect
    • 16. (of an argument or theory) be logical, consistent, or convincing:

      their views still seem to hold up extremely well
    • 17. refuse to abandon or change (a principle or opinion).

    • 18. cause someone to adhere to (a commitment):

      the role of the media ought to be to hold politicians to their promises
    • 19. contain or be capable of containing (a specified amount):

      the tank held twenty-four gallons
      Synonym : have a capacity of, take, have room for, have space for, contain, comprise, accommodate, fit, seat, have seats for
    • 20. be able to drink (a reasonable amount of alcohol) without becoming drunk or suffering any ill effects:

      I can hold my liquor as well as anyone
    • 21. have or be characterized by:

      I don't know what the future holds
    • 22. have in one's possession:

      the managing director still holds fifty shares in the company
      Synonym : possess, have, own, bear, carry, be the owner of, have in one's possession, be in possession of, have to one's name
    • 23. be in possession of illegal drugs:

      he was holding, and the police hauled him off to jail
    • 24. have or occupy (a job or position):

      she held office from 1985 to 90
      Synonym : occupy, have, be in, fill, hold down
    • 25. have or adhere to (a belief or opinion):

      I feel nothing but pity for someone who holds such chauvinistic views they hold that all literature is empty of meaning
      Synonym : believe, think, consider, take the view, feel, maintain, swear, deem, be of the opinion, subscribe to the opinion, adjudge, judge, rule, decide, figure, reckon, esteem, opine
    • 26. consider (someone) to be responsible or liable for a particular situation:

      you can't hold yourself responsible for what happened
    • 27. regard someone or something with (a specified feeling):

      the speed limit is held in contempt by many drivers
    • 28. (of a judge or court) rule; decide:

      the Court of Appeals held that there was no evidence to support the judge's assessment
    • 29. keep or reserve for someone:

      a reservation can be held for twenty-four hours
    • 30. maintain (a telephone connection) until the person one has telephoned is free to speak:

      please hold, and I'll see if he's available will you hold?
    • 31. prevent from going ahead or occurring:

      hold your fire!
    • 32. refrain from adding or using (something, typically an item of food or drink):

      a strawberry margarita, but hold the tequila
    • 33. used as a way of exhorting someone to wait or to stop doing something:

      hold it right there, pal!
    • 34. restrain oneself:

      Hold, hold!” he cried
    • 35. arrange and take part in (a meeting or conversation):

      a meeting was held at the church
      Synonym : convene, call, assemble, summon, conduct, have, organize, run, preside over, officiate at, convoke


  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: hold, plural noun: holds

    • v.: verb: hold, 3rd person present: holds, gerund or present participle: holding, past tense: held, past participle: held

    • noun

      a large space in the lower part of a ship or aircraft in which cargo is stowed.
    • verb

      grasp, carry, or support with one's arms or hands:

      keep or sustain in a specified position:

    • noun

      an act or manner of grasping something; a grip:

      a particular way of grasping or restraining someone, especially an opponent in wrestling or judo.

    • noun

      a large compartment or space in the lower part of a ship or aircraft in which cargo is stowed.
    • noun

      an area of land held by lease.

      the tenure of land held by lease.

    • past and past participle of hold
    • noun

      an area of land held by lease.

      the tenure of land held by lease.

    • past and past participle of hold
    • wait; stop

      endure or keep going in difficult circumstances

    • start to have an effect
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