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  1. in·quir·y
  2. noun

    • 1. an act of asking for information:

      a reporter from New York makes inquiries we get a lot of inquiries from folks wanting to know where to find the big trees new areas of inquiry emerged in the course of the conference all lines of inquiry are open
      Synonym : question, query
    • 2. an official investigation:

      he was one of the State's star witnesses in the murder inquiry eventually the independent inquiry was published, which found that there was no case to answer
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: inquiry, plural noun: inquiries

    • noun

      an act of asking for information:

      an official investigation:

    • noun

      in the armed forces, a tribunal appointed to investigate a complaint against a member of the military to decide whether a court-martial is called for.
    • noun

      (in the UK) a report made by a probation officer or social worker on a person's character and circumstances, which may be required by a court before sentencing.
    • noun

      a tribunal appointed to investigate a matter and decide whether a court martial is warranted.
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