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  1. Westmann Islands

    • a group of fifteen volcanic islands off the southern coast of Iceland.
    • three islands, Inishmore, Inishmaan, and Inisheer, located off the west coast of the Republic of Ireland.
    • a group of islands in the Aegean Sea that form a region of Greece. The principal islands in the group are Chios, Samos, Lesbos, the Cyclades, and the Dodecanese.
    • a group of 11 islands in the central Pacific Ocean that straddle the equator south of Hawaii. Eight of the islands, including Kiritimati (Christmas Island), form part of Kiribati; the remaining three are uninhabited dependencies of the US.
    • a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, off the northwestern coast of Africa, forming an autonomous region of Spain; capital, Las Palmas; population 2,098,593 (2009). The group includes the islands of Tenerife, Gomera, La Palma, Hierro, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote.
    • another name for Cocos Islands
    • a group of 24 volcanic islands lying to the north of the island of Luzon in the northern Philippines.
    • the northernmost islands in the Philippines.
    • a chain of 56 islands between the Sea of Okhotsk and the North Pacific Ocean, stretching from the southern tip of the Kamchatka peninsula to the northeastern corner of the Japanese island of Hokkaido. They are the subject of dispute between Russia and Japan.
    • Chinese name for the Paracel Islands
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