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  1. lay
  2. verb

    • 1. put down, especially gently or carefully:

      she laid the baby in his crib
      Synonym : put, place, set, put down, set down, deposit, rest, situate, sit, settle, stow, balance, station, drop, leave, let fall, throw down, fling down, deploy, locate, position, plant, stick, dump, bung, park, plonk, pop, shove
    • 2. prevent (something) from rising off the ground:

      there may have been the odd light shower just to lay the dust
    • 3. put down and set in position for use:

      it is advisable to have your carpet laid by a professional the groundwork for change had been laid
    • 4. set cutlery, crockery, and mats on (a table) in preparation for a meal:

      she laid the table for the evening meal
    • 5. cover (a surface) with objects or a substance:

      the floor was laid with tiles
    • 6. put the material for (a fire) in place and arrange it.

    • 7. make ready (a trap) for someone:

      she wouldn't put it past him to lay a trap for her
    • 8. work out (an idea or suggestion) in detail ready for use or presentation:

      I'd like more time to lay my plans
      Synonym : devise, arrange, contrive, make, prepare, work out, hatch, concoct, design, plan, scheme, plot, organize, frame, think up, dream up, cook up, brew, conceive, make ready, get ready, put together, draw up, produce, develop, compose, formulate
    • 9. present information or suggestions to be considered and acted upon by (someone):

      he laid before the House proposals for the establishment of the committee
      Synonym : bring, bring forward, put forward, submit, advance, present, press, prefer, offer, lodge, register, place, file, table, accuse, charge, indict, table, impeach
    • 10. locate (an episode in a play, novel, etc.) in a certain place:

      no one who knew the area could be in doubt where the scene was laid
    • 11. stake (an amount of money) in a wager:

      she suspected he was pulling her leg, but she wouldn't have laid money on it
      Synonym : bet, wager, gamble, stake, hazard, risk, chance, venture, give odds, speculate, game, punt, have a flutter
    • 12. used with an abstract noun so that the phrase formed has the same meaning as the verb related to the noun used, e.g., “lay the blame on” means ‘to blame’:

      she laid great stress on little courtesies
      Synonym : assign, attribute, ascribe, allocate, allot, impute, attach, impose, fix, hold someone responsible, hold someone accountable, hold someone answerable, condemn, find guilty of, pin the blame on
    • 13. (of a female bird, insect, reptile, or amphibian) produce (an egg) from inside the body:

      flamingos lay only one egg the hens were laying at the same rate as usual
      Synonym : produce, oviposit
    • 14. have sexual intercourse with.

    • 15. follow (a specified course):

      I'm going to lay a course for Ibiza harbor


    • 1. the general appearance of an area, including the direction of streams, hills, and similar features:

      the lay of the surrounding countryside
    • 2. the position or direction in which something lies:

      roll the carpet against the lay of the nap
    • 3. the direction or amount of twist in rope strands.

    • 4. an act of sexual intercourse.

    • 5. a person with a particular ability or availability as a sexual partner.

    • 6. the laying of eggs or the period during which they are laid:

      the onset of lay may be marked by a dropping of the duck's abdomen
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: lay

    • v.: verb: lay, 3rd person present: lays, gerund or present participle: laying, past tense: laid, past participle: laid

    • noun

      a short lyric or narrative poem meant to be sung:

      a song:

    • adjective

      not ordained into or belonging to the clergy:

      not having professional qualifications or expert knowledge, especially in law or medicine:

    • verb

      past of lie
    • verb

      put (something) down gently or carefully:

      prevent (something) from rising off the ground:

    • noun

      the general appearance of an area of land:

      the position or direction in which something lies:

    • adjective

      not ordained into or belonging to the clergy:

      not having professional qualifications or expert knowledge, especially in law or medicine:

    • noun

      a short lyric or narrative poem meant to be sung:

      a song:

    • verb

      past of lie
    • (of a person or animal) be in or assume a horizontal or resting position on a supporting surface:

      (of a thing) rest flat on a surface:

    • noun

      the way, direction, or position in which something lies:

      the position in which a golf ball comes to rest, especially as regards the ease of the next shot:

    • noun

      an intentionally false statement:

      used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression:

    • verb

      tell a lie or lies:

      get oneself into or out of a situation by lying:

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