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  1. ro·ta·tion
  2. noun

    • 1. the action of rotating around an axis or center:

      the moon moves in the same direction as the earth's rotation
      Synonym : revolving, turning, spinning, gyration, wheeling, whirling, twirling, swiveling, circling, turn, revolution, spin, whirl, orbit
    • 2. the action or system of rotating crops.

    • 3. the cycle of growth and felling or cutting of trees.

    • 4. the passing of a privilege or responsibility from one member of a group to another in a regularly recurring succession:

      it has become common for senior academics to act as heads of department in rotation
    • 5. a tour of duty, especially by a medical practitioner in training:

      she was completing a rotation in trauma surgery
    • 6. the conceptual operation of turning a system around an axis.

    • 7. another term for curl

  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: rotation, plural noun: rotations

    • adjective

      relating to the center or main point of interest:

      relating to the focus of a lens.

    • noun

      the action of rotating about an axis or centre:

      the conceptual operation of turning a system about an axis.

    • adjective

      relating to the centre or most important part:

      relating to the focus of a lens.

    • an ancient Greek city in North Africa, near the coast in Cyrenaica. From the 4th century bc it was a great intellectual centre with a noted medical school.
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