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  1. eye
  2. n. noun

    • 1. each of a pair of globular organs in the head through which people and vertebrate animals see, the visible part typically appearing almond-shaped in animals with eyelids:

      my cat is blind in one eye closing her eyes, she tried to relax
      Synonym : eyeball, peeper, baby blues, orb
    • 2. the corresponding visual or light-detecting organ of many invertebrate animals.

    • 3. the region of the face surrounding the eyes:

      her eyes were swollen with crying
    • 4. a person's eye as characterized by the color of the iris:

      he had piercing blue eyes
    • 5. used to refer to someone's power of vision and in descriptions of the manner or direction of someone's gaze:

      his sharp eyes had missed nothing I couldn't take my eyes off him
      Synonym : eyesight, vision, sight, powers of observation, perception, visual perception, watch, observance, gaze, stare, regard, observation, surveillance, vigilance, contemplation, scrutiny
    • 6. used to refer to someone's opinion or attitude toward something:

      in the eyes of his younger colleagues, Mr. Arnett was an eccentric to European eyes, it may seem that the city is overcrowded
    • 7. a thing resembling an eye in appearance, shape, or relative position, in particular:

    • 8. the small hole in a needle through which the thread is passed.

    • 9. a small metal loop into which a hook is fitted as a fastener on a garment.

    • 10. a loop at the end of a rope, especially one at the top end of a shroud or stay.

    • 11. a rounded eyelike marking on an animal, such as those on the tail of a peacock; an eyespot.

    • 12. a round, dark spot on a potato from which a new shoot can grow.

    • 13. a center cut of meat:

      eye of round
    • 14. the center of a flower, especially when distinctively colored.

    • 15. the calm region at the center of a storm or hurricane.

      Synonym : center, middle, heart, core, hub, thick
    • 16. the extreme forward part of a ship:

      it was hanging in the eyes of the ship
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: eye, plural noun: eyes

    • n. noun

      an electronic device that gives an audible or other signal when it is close to metal, used for example to search for buried objects or to detect hidden weapons.
    • noun

      each of a pair of globular organs of sight in the head of humans and vertebrate animals:

      the visual or light-detecting organ of many invertebrate animals that corresponds to the eye of humans and vertebrate animals.

    • noun

      a small metal spike with a broadened flat head, driven into wood to join things together or to serve as a hook.

      a horny covering on the upper surface of the tip of the finger and toe in humans and other primates.

    • verb

      fasten with a nail or nails:

      detect or catch (someone, especially a suspected criminal):

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