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  1. move
  2. verb

    • 1. go in a specified direction or manner; change position:

      she stood up and moved to the door he let his eyes move across the rows of faces
      Synonym : go, walk, proceed, progress, advance, pass, budge, stir, shift, change position, make a move, locomote
    • 2. change the place or position of:

      she moved the tray to a side table
    • 3. change one's place of residence or work:

      his family moved to London when he was a child
      Synonym : relocate, move house, move away/out, change address/house, leave, go away, decamp, change jobs, migrate, emigrate, flit, split, up sticks, pull up stakes
    • 4. (of a player) change the position of a piece in a board game:

      White has forced his opponent to move if Black moves his bishop he loses a pawn
    • 5. depart; start off:

      let's move—it's time we started shopping
    • 6. go quickly:

      Kenny was really moving when he made contact with a tire at the hairpin and flipped over
    • 7. (with reference to merchandise) sell or be sold:

      booksellers should easily be able to move this biography of Lincoln despite the high prices, goods are moving
    • 8. used to urge or command someone to hurry up:

      come on—move it!
    • 9. make progress; develop in a particular manner or direction:

      aircraft design had moved forward a long way legislators are anxious to get things moving as soon as possible
      Synonym : progress, make progress, make headway, advance, develop
    • 10. change or cause to change from one state, opinion, sphere, or activity to another:

      the school moved over to the new course in 1987 she deftly moved the conversation to safer territory
      Synonym : change, budge, shift one's ground, change one's tune, sing a different song, change one's mind, change one's opinion, have second thoughts, do a U-turn, do an about-face, reconsider, climb down, backpedal, do an about-turn
    • 11. take action:

      hardliners may yet move against him, but their success might be limited
      Synonym : take action, act, take steps, make a move, do something, take measures, take the initiative, get moving
    • 12. spend one's time or be socially active in (a particular sphere) or among (a particular group of people):

      they moved in different circles of friends
      Synonym : circulate, mix, go around, socialize, fraternize, keep company, associate, hang out, hang around
    • 13. influence or prompt (someone) to do something:

      his deep love of music moved him to take lessons with Dr. Hill
    • 14. provoke a strong feeling, especially of sorrow or sympathy, in:

      he was moved to tears by a get-well message from the president
    • 15. stir up (an emotion) in someone:

      he justly moves one's derision
      Synonym : affect, touch, strike, impress, shake, upset, disturb, hit, disquiet, agitate, stir, make an impression on, have an impact on, tug at someone's heartstrings
    • 16. propose for discussion and resolution at a meeting or legislative assembly:

      she intends to move an amendment to the Bill I beg to move that this House deplores the current economic policies
      Synonym : propose, submit, suggest, put forward, advocate, recommend, request, urge
    • 17. make a formal request or application to (a court or assembly) for something:

      his family moved the court for adequate “maintenance expenses” to run the household
    • 18. empty (one's bowels):

      if you haven't moved your bowels today you'd better do it now


    • 1. a change of place, position, or state:

      she made a sudden move toward me the country's move to independence a career move his eyes followed her every move
    • 2. a change of house or business premises:

      Annie mourned her move from the noisy, crowded town to the peace of the countryside the need for more space led to the move to the present offices
      Synonym : relocation, change of house/address/job, removal, transfer, posting, flit, flitting
    • 3. an action that initiates or advances a process or plan:

      my next move is to talk to Matthew
    • 4. a maneuver in a sport or game:

      Robson began a move which saw Webb run from the halfway line down the right
    • 5. a change of position of a piece in a board game:

      that move will put your king in check
    • 6. a player's turn to make a change of position:

      it's your move
  3. Variation

    • v.: verb: move, 3rd person present: moves, gerund or present participle: moving, past tense: moved, past participle: moved

    • verb

      go in a specified direction or manner; change position:

      change the place, position, or state of:

    • noun

      a change of place, position, or state:

      a change of house or business premises:

    • adjective

      in motion:

      producing strong emotion, especially sadness or sympathy:

    • adjective

      in motion:

      producing strong emotion, especially sadness or sympathy:

    • take possession of a new house or business premises

      start to share accommodations with (an existing resident)

    • achieve spectacular and apparently impossible results

      make every possible effort

    • noun

      a move made by one player (especially in the context of the analysis of play made by a chess-playing computer program).
    • adjust one's position, either to be nearer or make room for someone else
    • see move over below
    • noun

      an unwise or careless action that could have dangerous consequences:
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