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  1. Capitol Reef National Park

    • a preserve in south central Utah, noted for its fossils and rock formations.
    • a preserve in western North Dakota that incorporates Roosevelt's ranch home as well as extensive badlands areas.
    • a national park in southeastern Alaska, on the Pacific coast. It covers an area of 4,975 square feet (12,880 sq km).
    • a preserve in the Black Hills of South Dakota, noted for its caves and wildlife.
    • a national park in the Sierra Nevada, California, to the north of Sequoia National Park. Established in 1940, it preserves groves of ancient sequoia trees, including some of the largest in the world.
    • a national park in southeastern Alaska, on the Pacific coast. Extending over an area of 12,880 sq. km (4,975 sq. miles), it contains the terminus of the Grand Pacific Glacier.
    • a national park in west central Kentucky, site of the largest known cave system in the world. It consists of over 480 km (300 miles) of charted passageways and contains some spectacular rock formations.
    • a US national park in a bend of the Rio Grande, in the desert lands of southern Texas on the border with Mexico, in which were discovered, in 1975, fossil remains of the pterosaur.
    • a national park in northern Zimbabwe, in the Zambezi valley north-east of Lake Kariba, established in 1963.
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