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  1. now
  2. adverb

    • 1. at the present time or moment:

      where are you living now? it's the most popular style of jazz right now not now, I'm late they should be back by now
      Synonym : at the moment, at present, just now, right now, at the present time, at the present moment, at this time, at this moment in time, currently, here and now, presently, at the minute, nowadays, today, these days, in this day and age, in the present climate, things being what they are, in the present circumstances, contemporarily
    • 2. at the time directly following the present moment; immediately:

      if we leave now we can be home by ten I'd rather do it now than leave it till later
      Synonym : at once, straight away, right away, right now, this minute, this instant, immediately, instantly, directly, without further/more ado, promptly, without delay, as soon as possible, tout de suite, pronto, straight off, ASAP, toot sweet, straightway, instanter
    • 3. under the present circumstances; as a result of something that has recently happened:

      it is now clear that we should not pursue this policy I didn't receive the letter, but it hardly matters now
    • 4. on this further occasion, typically as the latest in a series of annoying situations or events:

      what do you want now?
    • 5. used to emphasize a particular length of time:

      they've been married four years now
    • 6. (in a narrative or account of past events) at the time spoken of or referred to:

      she was nineteen now, and she was alone it had happened three times now
    • 7. used, especially in conversation, to draw attention to a particular statement or point in a narrative:

      now, my first impulse was to run away I don't like Scotch. Now, if it had been Irish Whiskey you'd offered me
    • 8. used in or as a request, instruction, or question, typically to give a slight emphasis to one's words:

      we can hardly send her back, now can we? run along now now, if you'll excuse me?
    • 9. used when pausing or considering one's next words:

      let me see now, oh yes, I remember
    • 10. used at the end of an ironic question echoing a previous statement:

      “Mom says for you to give me some of your stamps.” “Does she now?”


    • 1. as a consequence of the fact:

      they spent a lot of time together now that he had retired


    • 1. fashionable or up to date:

      seventies disco dancing—very now
    • abbreviation

      National Organization for Women.
    • adverb

      at the present time or moment:

      at the time directly following the present moment; immediately:

    • conjunction

      as a consequence of the fact:
    • adjective

      fashionable or up to date:
    • now as well as before

      in spite of what has happened

    • used to get someone's attention or to invite a response

      used as an expression of mild remonstrance or warning

    • at this moment

      a little time ago

    • until a later time
    • what is the meaning of this?
    • at one moment —, at the next —
    • used as an expression of mild remonstrance
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