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  1. occupation
  2. n. noun

    • 1. (of house) 居住

      the rooms are unfit for occupation 這些房間不適合居住to be in occupation 被居住
    • 2. (Mil, Pol) (action, state) 佔領; 佔領期

      to be or come under occupation 被佔領the occupation 佔領the workers' occupation of the factory 工人對工廠的佔領the occupation forces or troops 佔領軍
    • 3. (job) 職業

      he's a plumber/doctor by occupation 他的職業是管道工/醫生
    • 4. (leisure activity) 消遣

      gardening is my favourite occupation 園藝是我最喜歡的業餘活動
  3. Variation

    • 名複: occupations

  4. Synonyms

    1. a job or profession

    2. a way of spending time

    3. the action of entering and taking control of a building

    4. the action of living in or using a building or other place

    • 職業,工作


    • 專用橋梁
    • 職業是…
    • 被占領,被占據
    • 軍事占領
    • 副業
    • 沒有前途的職業,學不到技術的職業
    • 占領…,占據著…
    • 失業
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