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  1. operate
  2. intransitive verb

    • 1. (function) 運轉

      to operate at maximum efficiency 以最大效率運轉
    • 2. (be in effect, work) 起作用; 運作

      to operate against/in favour of (sth.) (對某事)起阻礙/推進作用
    • 3. (perform surgery) 動手術

      to operate on sb. 給某人動手術
    • 4. (run) 營業

    • 5. (engage in activity) 運營; 從事不法活動

    • 6. (conduct military activities) 採取軍事行動

    transitive verb

    • 1. (control) 操作; 開動

    • 2. (administer) 施行; 啟用; 經營; 實行

  3. Variation

    • 動變: operated,operated,operating

  4. Synonyms

    1. (of a person) control the functioning of (a machine, process, or system)

    2. (of a machine, process, or system) function in a specified manner

    • function, work, go, run, perform, act, be in action, behave, be in working/running order, be operative, take effect, be in effect, be in force, be in operation, stand, apply, be applied, be/remain valid, be current, be efficacious, hold good, be the case

    3. manage (a business)

    4. perform a surgical operation

    • perform surgery, carry out an operation, intervene, put someone under the knife
  5. 反義字

    「1. (of a machine, process, or system) function in a specified manner」的反義字:
    • 操作,開動


    • adj 形容詞

    • 操作的
    • 操作
    • 官辦
    • 為…動手術,對…產生作用,靠…運轉
    • 操作手冊
    • 手術室
    • 使用說明
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