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  1. operation
  2. n. noun

    • 1. (of machine) 運行; 經營

      to be in/out of operation 運轉/不運轉to take out of operation 停止使用his broken leg put him out of operation for several weeks 他腿斷了幾個星期無法走動
    • 2. (administration of scheme, regulations, law) 實施

      to put into operation 開始實施
    • 3. (Med) 手術

      to have an operation 動手術to perform an operation (on sb.) (給某人)動手術a bowel/shoulder operation 腸道/肩部手術
    • 4. (Mil, Naut, Tech) 行動

      to launch or mount or stage an operation 展開行動a relief or salvage or rescue operation 解救行動
    • 5. (undertaking) 業務; 企業

    • 6. (Comput) 運作

    • 7. (Math) 運算

  3. Variation

    • 名複: operations

  4. Synonyms

    1. the action of functioning or the fact of being active or in effect

    2. an act of surgery performed on a patient

    • surgery, surgical operation, surgical intervention, major surgery, minor surgery

    3. an organized activity involving a number of people

    4. a business organization; a company

    • 運轉,運作,工作,生效,起作用


    • 操作
    • 心臟搭橋手術
    • 維持現狀的行動
    • n. noun

    • 在操作,在運轉,在實施
    • 剖腹產手術
    • n. noun

    • 實施,使生效


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