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  1. par·al·lel
  2. adjective



    • 1. (of something extending in a line) be side by side with (something extending in a line), always keeping the same distance:

      a big concrete gutter that paralleled the road
    • 2. be similar or corresponding to (something):

      the lawlessness throughout officialdom was paralleled by an increase in lawlessness on the streets
      Synonym : resemble, be similar to, be like, bear a resemblance to, correspond to, be analogous to, be comparable/equivalent to, compare with, equate with/to, correlate with, imitate, echo, remind one of, duplicate, mirror, repeat, recreate, follow, match, be in harmony with, chime (in) with, coincide with, keep pace with, equal, match, rival, emulate, touch
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: parallel, plural noun: parallels

    • adjective

      (of lines, planes, or surfaces) side by side and having the same distance continuously between them:

      occurring or existing at the same time or in a similar way; corresponding:

    • noun

      a person or thing that is similar or analogous to another:

      a similarity or comparison:

    • verb

      be side by side with (something extending in a line), always keeping the same distance; run or lie parallel to:

      be similar or corresponding to:

    • noun

      (in quantum mechanics) a universe theorized as existing alongside our own, although undetectable:

      (in fantasy or science fiction) a world conceived of as coexisting with and having certain similiarities to the known world but different from it in some fundamental way:

    • plural

      goods imported by unlicensed distributors for sale at less than the manufacturer's official retail price.
    • noun

      a mode of computer operation in which a process is split into parts that execute simultaneously on different processors attached to the same computer.
    • noun

      a connector for a device that sends or receives several bits of data simultaneously by using more than one wire.
    • noun

      an instrument for drawing parallel lines, consisting of two or more rulers connected by jointed crosspieces so as to be always parallel, at whatever distance they are set.
    • noun

      a turn with the skis kept parallel to each other.
    • plural

      a pair of parallel rails mounted on posts, used in gymnastics:
    • noun

      each of two cousins who are children of two brothers, or of two sisters.
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