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  1. pell-mell
  2. adverb

    • 1. in a confused, rushed, or disorderly manner:

      the contents of the sacks were thrown pell-mell to the ground
      Synonym : helter-skelter, headlong, (at) full tilt, hotfoot, posthaste, hurriedly, hastily, wildly, impetuously, recklessly, rashly, precipitately, impulsively, slap bang, hurry-scurry, in disorder, in confusion, in a muddle/jumble, in disarray, in a disorganized manner, untidily, in a mess, in a heap, anyhow, all over the place, every which way, all over the shop, shambolically, all over the map, all over the lot


    • 1. recklessly hasty or disorganized; headlong:

      steering the pell-mell development of Europe onto a new and more gradual course


    • 1. a state of affairs or collection of things characterized by haste or confusion:

      the pell-mell of ascending gables and roof tiles
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: pell-mell

    • adverb

      in a confused, rushed, or disorderly manner:
    • adjective

      hasty or disorganized:
    • noun

      a disorderly situation or collection of things:
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