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  1. pic·ture
  2. noun


    • 1. represent (someone or something) in a photograph or picture:

      he is pictured with party guests
      Synonym : photograph, take/get a photograph/photo of, take someone's picture/photo, take/get a picture of, take/get a snapshot/snap of, take, snap, shoot, take/get a shot of, record, film, capture/record on film/celluloid, paint, draw, paint a picture of, sketch, depict, delineate, portray, catch (a likeness of), show, illustrate, reproduce, render, represent
    • 2. describe (someone or something) in a certain way:

      the markets in London and New York are usually pictured in contrasting terms
    • 3. form a mental image of:

      she pictured Benjamin waiting
      Synonym : visualize, see in one's mind, see in one's mind's eye, conjure up a picture of, conjure up an image of, imagine, conceive, call to mind, image, see, evoke, fantasize about, dream about, envision
  3. Variation

    • n.: noun: picture, plural noun: pictures

    • v.: verb: picture, 3rd person present: pictures, gerund or present participle: picturing, past tense: pictured, past participle: pictured

    • noun

      a painting or drawing:

      a photograph:

    • verb

      represent in a photograph or picture:

      describe in a certain way:

    • noun

      an illustrated card, used especially in games.

      another term for face card

    • noun

      a postcard with a picture on one side.
    • adjective

      prettily picturesque, like the scenes typically shown on postcards:
    • noun

      the cathode ray tube of a television set designed for the reproduction of television pictures.
    • noun

      a book containing many illustrations, especially one for children.
    • noun

      a vivid description in writing:
    • noun

      a mode of recording events by pictorial symbols; pictography.
    • noun

      the apparent space behind the picture plane of a painting, created by perspective and other techniques:
    • adjective

      lacking in defects or flaws; ideal:
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